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Advantages of a Catholic Cemetery
Burial in a Catholic Cemetery provides important and tangible benefits that simply cannot be duplicated in a non-denominational setting. For those of the Catholic faith, Catholic Cemeteries represent a continuation of the Catholic experience essential to the departed and their family during this time of need. Catholic Cemeteries embrace this role and embody our Catholic tradition by expressing it through every act and interaction. In Catholic Cemeteries, you can trust that the depth of your Catholic faith will be honored and affirmed throughout this time of difficult transition.
Revering the Cycle of Life
Catholic Cemeteries represent a meaningful continuation of the belief in the Resurrection for yourself and your family. They symbolize a vital extension of your parish community. Catholic cemeteries provide a valuable preservation of Catholic involvement throughout the cycle of your life.
Honoring and Commemorating Your Life
Burial in a Catholic Cemetery is an honor for the individual and the Church. Mortal remains are cherished as they were home to the soul of the departed. Catholic burial serves as a memorable and lasting tribute to one's life. It provides a personal sense of peace for Catholics who choose a mindful, loving and dignified observance of the passage of life into the world of the Divine.
Hallowed Ground Offers a Sacred Trust
Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery represents sacred ground blessed and purified to be the final resting place which embodies the sanctity of the pure of Spirit. Catholics can feel confident that the ground in which they rest embraces their remains in the spirit of Christ's enduring love and devotion.
Perpetuating Catholic Tradition and the Profession of Faith
The valued and beneficial traditions of the Catholic Church do not cease at the time of burial. Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Colma celebrates monthly (1st Saturday of each month) and special masses for the deceased including Memorial Day, All Souls Day and Todos Los Santos. Special remembrance services are held on Veterans' Day and at Christmas Time. Stations of the Cross are available for prayer indoors and outdoors daily, but especially during Lent. Memorial Day Mass is celebrated in Mt. Olivet Catholic Cemetery and Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Menlo Park. Above all, the Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of San Francisco promotes and embodies the principle of the Resurrection and the joyous promise of eternal life.
The Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, Holy Cross in Colma, Holy Cross in Menlo Park and Mt. Olivet in San Rafael bury Catholics as well as non-Catholics
The hallowed grounds of Holy Cross in Colma and Menlo Park and Mt. Olivet in San Rafael are made available to all Catholics, practicing or non-practicing, and non-Catholic spouses, children, parents and extended family members. Those having connections to the Catholic Church such as those educated or employed by Catholic entities may also be buried in these sacred grounds.
Dedicated Service Free of Commissioned Sales Incentives
Representatives of the Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of San Francisco focus completely on ministering to you and your family. Our employees receive no commissions. Through years of experience, we understand how to listen to your personal needs and help you select the best burial site for you and your family.